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Why Use Marketing Lab?

Our aim with Marketing Support services is to provide companies with the hands on help they need to see through the Marketing ideas and concepts they have.  We can work with you to provide the expertise to help create new ideas or we can simply crack on with the plans you have.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. We can help you with improving how your business appears on the internet and increase traffic to your site. We also work on E-Shots or E-Newsletters on behalf of clients and can work to create relevant and interesting content for your customers as well as organise the distribution of it.

Blog Writing

Everyone’s blogging – ok well nearly everyone! But as a business, a great blog can really let both potential and existing customers know what you do and why you’re so great at it!  Blogs are also a building block for social media content and allows you to have a unique and individual way to showcase your business.  In theory, it would be great if everyone had the time to write a regular blog but often they don’t and so we can become your ghost writer!  That’s why we spend time understanding our clients to get what they do and what makes them different.

Content Creation

At Marketing Lab we love nothing more than creating content for clients wherever that content is used for a range of formats both on and offline. Whether it’s working on something new or reviewing and updating what you already have we can help.  If you’d like to see examples of our work have a read of our blog!

WordPress Updates

Wordpress is a really great easy to use content management system, even those non IT geeks can navigate their way around it pretty quickly.  But the feedback we’ve had is that whilst it’s easy to use there just aren’t always enough hours in the day to make changes and update content and so we’re happy to step in and offer as much support as you need when you need it.

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